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Youth Volunteers’ Union – YVU is a well recognised organization in North-Eastern India, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It started its operation with five youths responding to flood that affected Thoubal and its adjoining villages in 1972. YVU undertakes developmental programmes, to name a few, agriculture development, watershed programmes, lift irrigation projects, environment and social issues awareness creation amongst rural communities etc.

YVU is a group of young dedicated men and women as a voluntary endeavour primarily as a social service institution based on no-profit basis, having no political intention and to make variety of socially and locally based services available so as to reach the marginal farmers. YVU strongly believes that together with the local people and particularly with the weaker section of the small and sub-urban communities including inaccessible areas with no preference to any particular caste, creed, color, sex etc. Its roots are deeply rooted in its secular character

YVU works at grassroots level and operates through women groups, village committees, farmer-based local associations and youth groups. YVU, because of its dedication and contribution to the development of Manipur, was awarded National Youth Award by then Prime Minister of India, late Rajiv Gandhi in 1986-87. YVU is working in 432 villages befitting over 3.5 lakh people.

In mid 1990s, YVU evaluated the impact of its projects. It was found that the community assets created under grant projects were not utilised properly and some of them were left abandoned. In such projects involvement of people is very minimal. The role of beneficiaries ended the day they got grant. YVU took a firm stand for self sustainability. It identified credit as a better tool for improving the economic condition of downtrodden people as well as sustainability of YVU. Hence, YVU started its microfinance operation in 1996 with a capital of Rs. 35,000 and small grant assistance from Evangelische Zentralstelle (EZE), Germany. To expand its microfinance activities, YVU acquired Chand Fairdeal Financiers Pvt. Ltd, an NBFC in 2009.

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