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Youth Volunteers’ Union (YVU), a “National Youth Awards, 1986-87” winning NGO has been working for development of socio-economic status of the poor strata of the society since 1970. YVU has a long experience on Enterprise Development and Self-employment activities for youth and women since its inception until today. During this period YVU has formed a good number of SHGs and has trained up and motivated the youth & women to take up income generating activities through small and micro enterprises, the primary emphasis being on Traditional handloom weaving, banana plantation, pineapple plantation, piggery, poultry, dairy farming, carpentry etc. YVU has also gained knowledge of successfully providing backward and forward linkages to beneficiaries.


With all the experiences that YVU has gained over four and half decades of its existence, YVU is well equipped to take up any projects or schemes related to enterprise development, vocational training, Marketing through Trade Fairs, Enterprise management etc.




YVU is dedicated to enable the rural communities / farmers particularly women in their development efforts with the sole aim to enhance their economic base and enable them to lead a more dignified way of life in the local context.




Economic independence and self-sustainability of the people.