What is YVU

YVU stands for Youth Volunteers’ Union . It has been working for developmental of socio-economic status of the poor strata of the society since 1970. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and its registered office is located at Waiview Bhavan, YVU Road, Thoubal Wangmataba, Thoubal District: 795138, Manipur. YVU has taken up a number of developmental projects for the poor in Manipur with financial and technical support from international and national developmental agencies.


YVU is recognized for its contribution in social welfare work and awarded National Youth Award in the year 1986-87 at Delhi in a function chaired by the then Honorable Prime Minister of India late Rajiv Gandhi.


How it started

YVU was born when 5 teenagers responded to flood that affected villages in Thoubal in 1970. These five teenagers are the founders of YVU. They were helping the people affected by flood in relocating to a safer place. They went from from one house to another to collect food for distribution to the affected people. Thereafter, these 5 teenager met regularly and started discussing what they could do for the society & YVU came into being.



To enable the weaker section particularly the women enhance their socio-economic condition and status in the society by delivering sustainable value to them.



To remain an effective change agent and bring about a constructive transformation in the lives of people.


Journey of YVU

The YVU followed through the usual process to traverse from relief to development. Starting with distribution of essential commodities to flood victims, the group continues organizing youth camps and creating small-scale service facilities for the communities e.g. renovation of village ponds, canals and roads, organizing literary meets, youth festivals and seminars. One of its visible constructive works is the establishment of the Thoubal Public Library cum Information Centre at Thoubal. The Public Library is registered separately under the Societies Act, XXI of 1860 being its registration No. 1668 of 1974. It continues to function as a visible institution independent of YVU.